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The Green Business Center Vienna (short: GBC Vienna), in the Leberstraße in 1110 Vienna, is a future-oriented building complex that is equipped with a number of unique selling points.

The upper floors contain spacious office areas and a restaurant, which is also open to external guests. In addition, there will be an event center for public use with a spacious event hall for around 500 people and associated seminar areas. fitness club and an underground car park round off the complete offer. For the large landscaped courtyards between the cantilevered buildings in front attract attention in the public space.

Green Finance Group AG thus offers an attractive and innovative concept that benefits everyone.

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Commitment to Sustainability and Resource Conservation

Green Finance Group AG pays special attention to sustainability and resource conservation in the course of the realization of the GBC Vienna.. Thus, natural building materials such as wood floors are installed in the office areas. Geothermal energy in the form of deep probes will also be used for heating and cooling the building. Photovoltaic modules are also planned in order to achieve high possible energetic coverage. Great attention is also paid to minimizing energy consumption: The goal is an optimized building envelope.

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Key facts of the Green Business Center Vienna

Building complex with 7 towers

A total of seven impressive towers characterize the modern appearance of the complex.

28.900m² including Green Areas

The GBC Vienna offers generous green spaces and natural areas for a pleasant working atmosphere.

Modern building complex

Modern architecture and future-oriented concepts characterise the GBC Vienna.

Event center open to the public

A spacious hall for events with up to 500 people as well as seminar rooms will be set up.

Photovoltaic Modules and Energy Efficiency

We rely on renewable energy sources through photovoltaic modules.

Balconies and Terraces

Additional outdoor spaces provide employees* with a pleasant outdoor working environment.

Interactive and Open Office Space

The open office areas promote collaboration and communication among employees.

Energy Optimized Building Envelope

With the energy-optimized envelope, we minimize energy consumption and contribute to environmental protection.

Sustainable greening and design

at the Green Business Center Vienna

  • The Green Business Center Vienna plans to create additional outdoor spaces in the form of balconies and terraces, which will be available to the future users of the office space. The design and greening of these areas are essential components of our architectural concept.

  • Within the office space, interactive and open zones will be developed to create an inspiring working environment. Green Finance Group AG plans to offer a wide range of attractive rental units in different sizes to meet the individual needs and wishes of the tenants*.

Impressive Appearance


Generous Green Areas


Future Oriented Architecture


Open Workspaces


Sustainable Energy Sources


Versatile Event Center


Green Business Center Vienna

A modern masterpiece

Open work surface

The Green Business Center Vienna stands out in the Viennese business world thanks to its innovatively designed open-plan workspaces, which offer a fresh and dynamic working environment.

These open areas are deliberately designed to stimulate employee creativity and collaboration while fostering a sense of community.

Sustainable Energy Sources

With its pioneering role in the use of sustainable energy sources, the Green Business Center Vienna clearly stands out. By using photovoltaic modules and geothermal energy, the GBC Vienna demonstrates its commitment to environmentally friendly energy generation.

The solar modules on the roofs generate clean electricity, while the deep geothermal probes provide efficient heating and cooling. This combination reduces dependence on fossil fuels and lowers CO2 emissions. The GBC Vienna thus combines modern architecture with ecological responsibility and sets new standards in energy-efficient construction.

Versatile Event Center

The GBC Vienna is home to a versatile event centre that serves as the centrepiece for events of all kinds. With a spacious event hall that can accommodate up to 500 people, the centre offers an ideal setting for conferences, seminars and cultural events.

Complemented by modern seminar areas, it can be used flexibly for different event formats. This centre is not only accessible to GBC Vienna tenants, but also to external guests, making it a lively meeting place in Vienna’s business and cultural world. The versatile event centre reflects the dynamic and innovative atmosphere of the entire building complex.

Impressive Appearance

The Green Business Center Vienna in the 11th district is an architectural highlight that characterises the skyline of Vienna. It is characterised by seven impressive towers that embody modern and forward-looking architecture. These towers, surrounded by generous green spaces, give the complex a unique and natural atmosphere.

The combination of innovative architecture and green oases creates a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing overall picture. The green courtyards between the cantilevered structures create a lively and inspiring environment, making it a striking and unmistakable landmark in Vienna.

Generous Green Areas

An oasis in the middle of the city: the GBC Vienna is characterised by spacious green areas that create a natural and calming atmosphere in Vienna’s urban environment. These green spaces are an essential component and contribute significantly to its unique character.

The carefully designed green areas not only offer aesthetic benefits, but also promote the well-being of the people who work and visit the GBC Vienna. They serve as a meeting place, recreational space and source of inspiration, creating a balance between work and relaxation.

Future Oriented Architecture

Innovation and sustainability in every line! Future-orientated architecture is embodied in the Green Business Center Vienna. With its seven striking towers, it represents a combination of aesthetic innovation and ecological sustainability. The modern architecture integrates environmentally friendly technologies and materials, including geothermal energy and photovoltaic modules, making the building an example of sustainable urban development.

This architecture not only embodies visual impact, but also an intelligent use of resources, making it a pioneer in modern architecture.

Our Green Business Centres

Various office units, conference rooms and coworking areas are available for flexible rent in our Green Business Centres.
We also offer communal facilities such as kitchens, rest areas, reception and waiting areas.
In addition to office space, we also provide a variety of services:



Redaktionelles Interview zum Green Business Center Wien mit Christian Schauer, CEO der Green Finance Group AG

Investing together for a greener future

As an expert in valuable real estate, renewable energy and sustainable capital investments, Green Finance Group AG is the perfect contact for anyone who wants to get more out of their money. Long-term business relationships are the basis of the Green Finance Group’s success.

For the benefit of all parties involved, the interests of customers, suppliers, shareholders and our green business partners are perfectly harmonised. Our credo is to generate passive income with valuable real estate as well as to earn fair interest with sustainable investments.

In the field of renewable energies, we offer our commercial customers with a high annual electricity consumption the possibility of a photovoltaic system without capital investment. More than 6,000 Green Business Partners in six countries at 20 locations are now part of the Green Finance success story. Expansion into other European countries is already underway.


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